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Wendy Lor ~ The Jewelry Artisan

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Women Magazine July 1999
Wendy Lor, the jewelry artisan was spotted since 1999. I found this article in a very old magazine ~ a magazine which has probably changed its' name or does not even exist anymore? This was an interview with Wendy Lor, the jewelry artisan in July 1999 and that's 12 years ago! Just look at her picture, much younger and (chubbier too!).

In case you can't read Chinese, the main title says, "Mona Lisa, the cause of Wendy Lor's 'sufferings' to being a jewelry artisan." The sub-title reads, "The pair of hands that cook and cater are the same pair of hands that make jewelry." In a nutshell, the article talks about Wendy Lor's ups and downs in her journey to being a master jewelry artisan.

It was not a bed of roses for her, but when asked if given a chance to go back in time, would she change anything? Her answer would be a straight 'No!' To her, it was her life experiences that made her who she is today.

"Knowledge will always remain knowledge if it lives in my mind. Knowledge will become Wisdom when I walk it." This is something we will often hear her saying to her apprentices and colleagues.

How Mona Lisa inspired Wendy Lor?

Wendy Lor was born into a family of jewelers. Her growing up years before her teens were slightly more than comfortable. She, together with her 5 siblings, each had a personal maid.

It was one fine afternoon when her dad brought back a replica of Mona Lisa and hung it on the dining room wall. She stared at it for hours, wondering why Mona Lisa's eyes followed her from every angle where she stood and sat. She was fascinated. She was inspired. She knew then, she would grow up doing something with art. She was only 9.

Her first drawing since that fateful 'meeting' with Mona Lisa, was a ship from a deck of playing cards. It was not exactly an easy picture to draw, she recalls. But then again, it was because of that that she wanted to draw it. She drew it on a blackboard with white chalks. Naturally her dad, although she knew he was impressed by what he saw, had to dust the picture off because he had to use it for his work.

Since then, everything was on paper. Good drawing paper and a proper pencil. Now so often, we will hear her say to her apprentices, "Get a proper drawing block! No A4 paper."

Jewelry with soul, inspiration from life

Wendy Lor, now a master jewelry artisan, is one person who never gives up if she believes that is her course. Just as she draws inspiration from life to create her unique jewelry pieces, she continues to inspire all those around her to find their purpose in life and live it to the fullest!

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