Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Imagine you are able to have your heart desired messages for your loved one on your wedding rings.  Or maybe you are a visual person and you are both connected via symbols.  Imagine if you can have that in your wedding rings too.

Messages, symbols, words of love and more.  If you can imagine it, share it with us.  We'll see what we can do for you.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Different Dates for Different Cultures

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Different cultures have different views on selecting a good date for weddings. 

Among the many cultures around the world, the Chinese and Hindu cultures are the most adamant in ensuring a good, auspicious date is selected.

Astrological charts are consulted when choosing a wedding date that is auspicious for the Hindus.  Most likely an elder, knowledgeable family member, a priest or an astrologist using birthdates and phases of the moon, chooses the date and time.  Hinduism teaches that marriage is an important duty for both men and women.  Hence selecting the wedding date and time based on compatibility and affinity of the horoscopes of the partners is important because a marriage joins not just the couple but two extended families.

Choosing a good date and time to perform important events has been long used by the ancient Chinese.  Up to today, it is still a very important task for different occasions and choosing a marriage date is one of the many.  Do you know that in this modern times, choosing the right registration of marriage (ROM) date and time is more important than the customary wedding date?  Reason for this is because in the olden days there was no ROM.  A couple is considered married after going through the traditional wedding customs, especially in paying respect to the ancestors and heavenly gods.

For the Muslims, month of Shawwal is the most favored month to get married.  Two months are avoided, that is the sacred months of Muharram and Ramadan.  As the Muslim calendar is based on a lunar calendar, there are no “fixed” days or months for weddings except for the two months mentioned above.  As for the timing, one can marry at any time of the day.  In Malaysia, it is very common to have Muslim wedding ceremonies coincide with the school holiday, as this is the time where families and friends can get together to feast and make merry.

For the Catholics, any day or time is selected except for Good Friday and Holy Saturday during Triduum.  For practical reasons, some dates are not chosen when the church is observing a special period of penance.  Best advise is to ask your local parish on available dates that works best for them and you can have your church wedding in full blast.

Whichever culture you may be observing, whether auspicious date selection is observed or not, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself on that special day.    

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Select The Perfect Stone For A Proposal Ring?

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Unique Wedding Bands are created based on the couple's personal love stories.  As each couple is unique, so is your Unique Wedding Band.  Our Master Artisan, Wendy Lor, masterfully captures the very essence of your unique love story, sealing your deep affection for each other.  It is sui generis and timeless. It is you and your partner, personified.

Besides creating unique wedding bands, we love creating unique proposal rings too.  The way we create it is very much like the unique wedding band except that we get to know only the guys' side of the story.  Ever wondered if you can put a poem in your ring or even an image that is very significant to you both?  Or perhaps you want just a simple band with a special message inside or maybe outside, crafted tastefully?  All these and more is possible. 


It is very common to expect a solitaire diamond ring for a proposal ring thanks to the sustained marketing efforts of the diamond industry.  It is one of our favourite gemstone to work with too.  But did you know that the concept of using diamonds on proposal and wedding rings is less than 100 years old.

Scott Cunningham in his book Cunningham's Encyclopaedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic said, Though the diamond is not a stone of love, it is worn to ensure fidelity and to reconcile quarrelling lovers. Today it is, of course, the most popular wedding stone, due in part to aggressive advertising, but other stones are perhaps more appropriate. This usage has no ancient history.”

Besides diamonds, we have worked with many other breath-taking precious and semi-precious gemstones.  And it has been amazingly well accepted.  Simply because of the reason behind the ring, including the design, the chosen gemstone and the message it carries.


Sapphire for instance, has been a traditional favorite among brides through the centuries, and not just because of its lovely blue hue. It is worn on rings to symbolize commitment, fidelity and romantic love.

One of our favorite proposal ring piece is set with a 1.5 carat Natural Baby Blue Sapphire and diamonds.  A stunning piece not only for its' authenticity but also for the meaning it carries with it, a message of love from husband to wife.  We apologize for not showing pictures of the real pieces as all of them are truly unique and as a respect for the couple's privacy.   


Ruby is a red colored transparent gem from the mineral Corundum. Interestingly, ruby and sapphire are different colored types of this very same mineral. Rubies have been historically renowned as the gem of kings and queens.


Emeralds on the other hand are believed to have healing powers in the days long gone. These days however, this beautiful green precious stone is prized for its color and rarity.


Jade is said to symbolize love and eternity, and therefore a good choice for couples seeking to imbue their wedding rings with added meaning.

Choose to express your individuality and seek a greater departure from what is considered popular, semi-precious stones make exciting and unique choices. Amethyst, citrine, chalcedony, tourmaline, aquamarine, turquoise and kunzite are just some of semi-precious stones that come to mind.

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